O que diz Molero

by Nick

I’m reading Antonio Lobo Antunes’ The Fat Man & Infinity…  and just read a piece mentioning Dinis Machado’s O que diz Molero (link in Portugese) which I’m very curious about especially seeing as it hasn’t been translated into English. It sounds like one of the major works out of Portugal in the last 40 years. Its times like this I wish I spoke more than one language.


I heartily recommend Antunes. I wrote a 20 page Foucaldian analysis on The Land at the End of the World in college and have been trying to read more of him since then. He’s an incredible stylist and I’ll probably write something explaining my enjoyment of him here later.

Hint, hint, you should try snagging all those books you’ve been meaning to buy before they institute that online tax.